Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Real Power of Social Media-4

Instead of focusing on one individual today, I have three more that came to mind as I was writing this series. While there are numerous others that I am sure are also making a difference, here are 3 that I have met that are not national celebs but are using Social Media to have an impact in real life in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

These include:

Andrew Hoffman. Andrew's background in the marketing world connected him to an organization called NeighborLink. Andrew is now the executive director and has used social media to promote the faith based volunteer organization that connects local people with needs with neighbors who can help. Check out their website.

Andrew also has been using his social media experience and connections with his alma mater, Huntington University. In January 2010 and 2011, he taught a class that introduced students to the power of Social Media and the impact they can have. This fall he has expanded that to a fall semester class.

Craig Crook. Among the notable things Craig has done recently was organize a TedX event which was an out growth of being a Linchpin. This isn't any easy accomplishment but it took someone like Craig to step forward and start the ball rolling.

Heather Schoegler also comes to my mind as someone who is highly involved in using Social Media as a tool to have an impact on real life. When you visit her twitter profile and see the multitude of ways she is connecting, you'll see why she was on my short list today.

I encourage you to connect with these folks yourself.

Tomorrow, an announcement of a big change.

ScLoHo is Scott Howard, a Solutions Consultant with Cirrus ABS.

You can contact him here:

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