What This Site is About

At the end of 2010, I kicked off ScLoHo's Media Adventure by writing several blog posts, including this one.

With this one, I'm going to give you the background and then in the days and weeks ahead, I'll be sharing tips and tricks that I have learned along the way, along with posts from others that will add to our experience.

1st. What's a ScLoHo?

ScLoHo began as a mash up of my first, middle and last names, using the first 2 letters of each to create a unique email address back in the 1990's. Today, I've expanded ScLoHo as a personal brand to distinguish myself from the hundreds of other Scott Howard's in this world.

2nd. What makes you an expert?

Expertise in Social Media is difficult to quantify. It is a growing and expanding world, and I usually do not refer to myself as an expert. However, I've had a lot of success, more than most of the people I know and with my other backgrounds, have been asked to share, teach, and write about this subject.

3rd. Do you do this as a full time occupation?

At this time, no. Although my family sometimes thinks I do. I earn the majority of my income from "Traditional Media". Since 2003, I have worked for a group of radio stations based in Fort Wayne, Indiana; creating advertising and marketing programs and campaigns. I have worked for radio stations for 25 years, along with positions outside of the media world. I also do media and marketing consulting for other businesses and media.

4th. So how do you measure success?

For each of us success has its own personal definition. My online goals have evolved over the years without a grand master plan. The platforms have changed since the days I began developing an online presence and personal brand.

I define my success in how much I can help others and build relationships. That has been my passion before Social Media, and Social Media is simply another arena, another set of tools to accomplish this.

As I mentioned, my background is in advertising and marketing. There are timeless principles to communication that are basic to how we as people build relationships that should be used and those are my guide.

And if you want some numbers, here's some that were current as of 8:30pm on Sunday 1/2/11 UPDATED 4/24/11:

Number of Facebook Friends: 611 687
Number of LinkedIn 1st person contacts: 573 663
Number of Twitter Followers: 1302 1967
Number of Blog Pageviews: 9987 in the past month. 15632

5th. I thought Social Media was about making money?

Well, my friend, there are plenty of people who will try and sell you on using Social Media as a way to wealth. But the number of people who become financially independent is similar to the number of people who play basketball who become Michael Jordon.

If your main goal and focus on using Social Media is to become wealthy, then this blog is not for you.

6th. So why get involved with Social Media?

Social Media, is another tool to communicate, build and maintain relationships. You can find others with similar interests, you can connect with friends and family, you can promote your business, you can use the internet as a two way communication device.

If you have a business, then there are consumers and customers who are already looking for a business like yours, and by using Social Media, you can connect with them and convert them into paying customers.

And finally, your business is already being talked about on Social Media by others. Perhaps it is time to join the conversation.

7th. What is this blog, ScLoHo's Social Media Adventure, going to be about?

My adventure began in 2004, so I have some catching up to do:
  1. I will bring you up to speed on what I have done, right and wrong, to achieve what I am doing now.
  2. I will give my opinion which is based on my own experiences and the data and studies I see on a regular basis.
  3. I will update daily at 12 noon Eastern time, Monday thru Friday.
  4. I will share with you lots of wisdom from others, including those who do this as a full time profession.
  5. I will tell you how I use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare and a few other sites.
  6. I will show you how I post between 40 and 50 blog posts a week, on a part-time basis, and why you don't have to unless you really want to.
  7. I encourage and welcome your comments and feedback.